dnSpy - 一款 .NET 程序逆向工具



dnSpy 是一款针对 .NET 程序的逆向工程工具。该项目包含了反编译器,调试器和汇编编辑器等功能组件,而且可以通过自己编写扩展插件的形式轻松实现扩展。该项目使用 dnlib读取和写入程序集,以便处理有混淆代码的程序(比如恶意程序)而不会崩溃。



或者通过源码构建该项目,参考 Wiki


Edit any method, property or event in C# or Visual Basic

Edit any type (class), method, property, event, field

Add, remove, rename any type (class), method, property, event, field

Edit, add, remove .NET resources and save them to disk

The IL editor allows editing method bodies at the IL level: IL instructions, locals, exception handlers

Debug any .NET assembly, no source code required

Raw contents of locals (eg. decrypted byte arrays) can be saved to disk

Optimizations for smaller screens

Multiple tabs and tab groups

Search assemblies

Assembly analyzer

Highlighted references, keywords, use Tab, Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down to select next or previous reference or Alt+Up/Down for next definition

Structure visualizer adds colorized vertical guide lines between braces; loops, try/catch and conditional blocks are shown in different colors

Structure visualizer is very useful when you're in a method like this:

Go to: Entry Point, Module Initializer, MD Token, MD Table Row

Syntax highlighted tooltips with XML doc comments when hovering over a type (class), method, property, event, field

Background images can be shown in the text editor

Same image with left margin and top margin set to 75%

Export to project decompiles all selected assemblies and creates a Visual Studio solution

Command line decompiler, supports Windows, Linux, Mac

Scripting with C# REPL, control the debugger and other extensions with C#

Hex editor

Metadata editor, click on a token or press Ctrl+Shift+D


如果你想要帮助翻译 dnSPY 成其它语言,请点击此处


具体命令和编译相关的内容请参考 Wiki 。

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